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Tree Removal

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Tree Removal Service

Tree removals of any size present a considerable threat, which should first be evaluated by an Certified Arborist, and then completely by a highly trained crew by a company that is fully licensed & insured.


At Patriot Tree Service, our Certified Arborists specialize in assessing tree hazards for safety risks including structural defects such as cracks, co-dominant stems, splits or decay. We will develop the most efficient plan possible to safely remove it from your property.

Patriot Tree Service has the expertise and right equipment to provide tree removal services for any tree, any size, any location. Tree removal is recommended when the tree is damaged, dead, or dying, causing obstruction or hazards, or when a replacement with a more suitable tree is needed. Generally, to remove a tree, Patriot Tree Services' climbers go up the tree with ropes and harness, removing limbs from the bottom up, dropping them carefully to the ground in an open area. If the tree is close to a home, fence, or other important structure, we lower each limb down with ropes, one at a time. The ground crew then stacks the limbs neatly to get them ready to be chipped up.

Once we have removed all the limbs from the tree, we cut the trunk and lower it down. Doing it in this way lets us control the tree from the top down.

​If you're like many commercial and residential property owners in the tri-state region, you may believe that tree removal only needs to occur when trees have been damaged by storms or appear to have died off after years of growth. Contrary to that popular opinion, even healthy, young trees could cause a potential risk to your family members, home or business structure, or customers. At Patriot Tree Service, our team of certified, professional arborists will work closely with you and inspect your property with your concerns for safety and landscaping aesthetics at the forefront of every tree removal project we undertake.

At Patriot Tree Service, our tree trimming and tree removal arsenal is chock-full of the state-of-the-art equipment that is utilized by professionally trained, certified arborists who have years of experience in providing tree removal services for any tree, any size, in any location. From cranes, extendable chain saws, and other pruning technology, we will be prepared to get the job done right the first time. Tree removal is almost always recommended when a tree at your residence or business property has become damaged, dead, or dying, or has started to cause obstruction or hazard. Our team also specializes in the removal of trees when a replacement with a more suitable tree is needed.

How does the process work? For most of our tree removal jobs, our expert arborists climb to the top of the tree secured by a series of ropes and protective harnesses and  removing limbs from the bottom up. Unlike some tree removal firms, Patriot Tree Service is sure to work carefully, prioritizing safety to your home or commercial building. To do this, we drop discarded limbs carefully to the ground in an open area. If the tree is close to a home, fence, or other important structure, we lower each limb down with ropes, one at a time.

Patriot Tree Service is the top rated tree removal team in the Tri-State and is also comprised of a ground crew that can stack cut tree limbs neatly for later use in indoor or outdoor fires, chip them up for green waste, or chip them up for later use on your property or mulching. Control and safety are always priority number one for our tree removal projects. For large trees that are in difficult to access or dangerous locations, we have a fleet of cranes that can remove them safely without risk to property or folks at ground level. 

Whether you want to improve the look of your commercial or residential property, or just make it safe for clients, friends and family, Contact the tree experts at Patriot Tree Service and tree removal experts today to learn why the Tri-state region has relied on our expertise for years.

Patriot Tree Service is fully licensed, insured, well equipped, and professionally staffed with experienced arborists who can safely remove trees. Call now: 304-207-0115.

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